Which swimwear for which morphology ?

When the swimsuit becomes the star piece of the summer wardrobe, it is essential to choose THE model that will sublimate your morphology and enhance your silhouette. Indeed, if all women are beautiful, each body is different. So, just like clothes, you have to choose the right pieces according to your assets to enhance them. Don’t panic, we explain how to choose your ideal swimsuit, what size and shape to wear to make your purchase easier. Follow the guide!

Swimsuit for the silhouette in "A" or "pyramid" shape

Are you a woman with narrow shoulders, a small bust, a narrow waist and wide hips? You have what is known as an “A” shape.

The tip: To balance your body, the right swimsuit should draw the eye to your chest.

To choose the right swimsuit top: opt for a swimsuit top with underwiring, balconnet, push-up, with a preformed shell or with padding. There’s nothing like it to give volume and feminise your figure. Also dare to choose fancy swimsuits with frills, patterns, prints or fringes that will give your silhouette a boost. Note also that the ideal swimsuit shape for small breasts is the triangle, so why not a bikini?

swimsuit for the A shape

For the bottoms: when you have a large waist, you should opt for a low cut swimsuit. Choose a model that will enhance the curves of your figure and make your legs look slimmer.

Avoid: high-waisted panties and shorts that create volume as well as horizontal stripes that compress the silhouette. Also avoid bandeau swimsuits, which tend to crush your breasts.

Swimsuits for the V-shaped figure

Do you have broad shoulders and slim hips? No doubt you belong to the category of morphology known as “inverted pyramid”. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious about your sporty look, you just need to know the tips to find THE swimsuit that will restore the balance of your figure.

The tip: To minimise the size of the shoulders by choosing a swimsuit that will highlight the bottoms and the legs. This balances out your figure by drawing the eye to your lower body.

To choose the right swimsuit top: Opt for a deep V-neckline that will reduce the width of your shoulders. Choose swimsuit tops with thin straps, such as triangle swimsuits, or models that tie at the nape of the neck.

For the bottoms: We opt for the low cut panties or the shorty, in order to give volume to your buttocks. Don’t hesitate and choose fancy swimwear models with frills, laces or ruffles, always with the aim of drawing attention to your slim waist and giving volume.

bottoms for the V shape

Avoid: all swimsuit tops with straight and wide straps, strapless or bandeau tops as well as square necklines that accentuate the shoulders. For bottoms, avoid panties that are too simple and without details. Your choice should be pieces with prints, patterns or bright colours. You can, so go for it!

To learn more about the V shape, do not hesitate to read our article on the subject.

Swimsuits for the H shape

You are a woman with aligned hips and shoulders and a small waist.

The tip: Find a swimsuit that shows off your waist and dare to wear a plunging neckline to feminise your “rectangle” H-shaped body shape.

Choosing the right swimsuit top: Opt for tops that will enhance your breasts to erase the shoulders’ shape. We therefore opt for push-up or padded swimsuit tops, to be tied at the nape of the neck to reduce the square shape of the shoulders.

swimsuit for the H shape

For bottoms: Opt for high-waisted bottoms, bottoms with ruffles and frills or bikini bottoms that tie at the sides.

Avoid: swimsuits with square necklines, bras, bandeaus and all tops that accentuate the waistline, as well as horizontal stripes that compress the figure.

Swimsuits for the X shape

Hips and shoulders are the same width and the waist is marked.

The tip: clearly, you have a figure that is considered ideal, with this X-shaped morphology, you can wear any swimsuit you want!

For the bottoms as well as for the top of the swimsuit: leave room for all your desires and choose the swimsuit you like best, since you have the chance to wear everything!

Swimsuits for the 8 shape

You are a plump, full-figured woman, your hips and shoulders are aligned and your waist is marked: a figure 8.

The tip: you have a generous bust that needs to be well supported. If you want to hide a small tummy, you can turn to one-piece shaping swimsuits.

swimsuits for the 8 shape

In addition to taking into account all these morphologies and knowing your own, you must also take into account the shape of your female body:

  • Which swimsuit for small breasts: the triangle swimsuit is the best choice because it really highlights your cleavage.
  • Which swimsuit for a large bust: the bandeau, underwired or balconette swimming costume to give you the ideal support.
  • Which one to choose if you have a belly: the one-piece with the right amount of support will help you get rid of those little bulges on your belly or hips.


With all this precious advice, you can now determine your morphology in order to rebalance your shape and make the most of your body. Our brand wants every woman to be able to find the pieces she likes while remaining trendy and fashionable. Do not hesitate to discover all our swimwear for women.